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Lung volume reduction with endobronchial coils

A : Coil, B: coil within the catheter, C : coil deployed once the catheter has been retrieved, D : Chest X ray before treatment, E : Chest X ray 3 months after right upper lobe treatment, F : Chest X ray 6 months after bilateral treatment(uppe lobes).


Inclusion and exclusion criteria
Inclusion criteria (all present)

  • Bilateral emphysema on chest CT
  • FEV1 < 50% post broncho dilator
  • Residual volume (RV) > 200%
  • Total lung capacity (TLC) > 100 %
  • Dyspnea score ≥ 2 (MMRC dyspnea scale)
  • Stopped cigarette since more than 8 weeks
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation  with in the previous twelve months

Exclusion criteria (none present)

  • Oral anticoagulant therapy with anti vitamines K
  • Giant bulla (> 30% of the lung field on chest CT)
  • Contraindication to general anaesthesia
  • > 20% % increase of FIV1 after bronchodilatation
  • Severe respiratory infections having required more than 2 hospital stays within the past twelve months
  • Acute exacerbation of COPD having required hospital stay with 3 months
  • Pulmonary hypertension (systolic pulmonary pressure > 50 mmHg on cardiac echo)
  • Patient unable to form a 6 minutes walk test in room air
  • Strictly homogenous emphysema on chest CT
  • Clinically significant bronchiectasis
  • Past history of lobectomy, surgical lung volume reduction, lung transplantation
  • Extra pulmonary diseases compromising survival or evaluation within the protocol (ex : severe cardiac disease, renal insufficiency, cancer)
  • Bronchial carcinoma or suspicious pulmonary nodule required chest CT follow up
  • Inclusion in another study

Overview of the study